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Know the True Market Value of Your Aircraft

Aircraft Appraisals Are a Must!

Since the economic crisis began in September 2008, collateral verification has become a major issue for lending institutions who are loaning against aircraft. Over The Top Aviation LLC. in Corinth, Texas can help your bank protect its collateral position in these loans through a professional, independent aircraft appraisal.

With our contacts within the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization, we can provide appraisal services nationwide. We will supply your bank with a comprehensive report along with a sealed certificate of appraisal. The report contains:

  • A Detailed Examination of the Aircraft, Including a Careful Review of Aircraft Log Books and Records
  • An Analysis of Relevant Data
  • A Detailed Inventory of the Aircraft’s Instrumentation, Avionics, Systems, and Components

Our appraisals are backed by data generated from more than 32 years of experience appraising aircrafts. Call us and see how we can help your bank in making safe, profitable aircraft loans.

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