Over The Top Aviation LLC.

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Service 1

Senior Certified Aircraft Appraisals

Aircraft Appraisals are a must!

Since the economic crisis began in September 2008 collateral verification has become a major issue for lending institutions who are loaning against aircraft.  My company can help your bank protect its collateral position in these loans through a professional, independent aircraft appraisal. With our contacts within the National Aircraft Appraisers Association we can provide this appraisal service on a nationwide basis.  

We will supply your bank with an appraisal which will include a detailed examination of the aircraft including a careful review of aircraft log books and records, an analysis of relevant data, and a detailed inventory of the aircraft's instrumentation, avionics, systems and components in a written report along with a sealed Certificate of Appraisal. Our appraisals are backed by data generated from 32 years of experience appraising aircraft.

Call an see how we can help your bank in making safe, profitable aircraft loans.  

Service 2

Consulting  and department startups

25 years of experience in Aviation company startups and reconstruction I have the experience to help you start a successful company. There are so many things to consider from staffing to FAA regulations to cost analyses.  I can also lead you top the most cost effective way to obtain equipment and market the company. Call or email and lets get you going fast and efficiently.  

Services 3

Maintenance expertise

From representing you making sure the maintenance is being done efficiently and cost effectively,  I can save you a lot of headaches  and expense. My experience  cover most GA and corporate aircraft as well as Commuter turbo props and helicopters.

Services 4

Expert witness

Someone file a lawsuit?  When it come to maintenance lawsuits I can help as an expert witness! I can evaluate the issues and help you battle in court. I have successfully helped many Lawyers and insurance companies!